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                                Shenae Harold              Page 1 of 3

Baltimore, Maryland,

Cell: (443)742-2640

Email:[email protected]


Coppin State University-Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Science in Nursing May 2007


Registered Nurse (Maryland Board of Nursing)



Exceptional ability to multi-task while providing superior patient care.

Familiarity and proficient knowledge in: wound VAC, starting an I.V., inserting nasogastric tubes, finger punctures, EKGs, 

and Telemetry monitoring.

Respond quickly in emergency situations, and maintains a calm and reassuring demeanor in high risks situations.

Work independently or as an active team player with professionalism, providing high quality service 

and exceeds conventional expectations.

Precept and mentor new nurses.


Johns Hopkins Hospital                                                                                                               2011-present

Nurse Clinician IIM, Pre/Post Anesthesia Unit

Evaluate and review patient as well documentation for surgical procedures.

• Coordinated patient care with anesthesiologists, doctors and surgical staff.

Identified any issues with patients before and after surgery.

Collaborate with intradisciplinary care team pre and post procedure follow-up care.

Coordinate and organzine staff assignments.

Registered Nurse, Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Holy Cross Hospital                                                                                                                   2010-2012

Primary airway management in non-intubated and intubated patients post op.

Aggressive pain management in collaboration with anesthesia and surgical team.

Cardiac and pulse ox monitoring.

Assessment and evaluation of surgical sites and drains.

Registered Nurse, Medical Intensive Care Unit

University of Maryland Medical Center                                                                                      2007-2011

• Perform Patient assessments and telemetry, CVP, A-Line, cardiac output monitoring, and communicating information on patient’s response to treatment to the medical team.

• Administer medications, fluids, and blood products; set and monitor IV’s and titrations of vasoactive drugs.

• Actively participate in Cardiac Resuscitations by performing duties such as recorder, and medications management.

• Assist with procedures such as placement of central venous catheters, chest tubs, and intubations.

• Provide education and support to patients and their families, and acting as a liaison between patient’s families and doctors.

     Living Legacy Foundation 2009-2010

Organ Recovery Coordinator

On site evaluation of all potential organ donors including evaluation of neurological status and consultation with the medical staff caring for the patient.

Review of patient’s medical chart to determine eligibility based on medical and social history and hospital course.

• Prepares for the organ recovery process in the operating room and provides medical/technical assistance to the donor surgeon during the removal of organs and tissues as first assist, obtaining biopsies and closing kidney biopsy sites.

Saint Joseph Medical Center, 2003-2007

Clinical Unit Clerk and Certified Nursing Assistant

Unit Clerk

Record name of patient, address, and name of attending physician.

Analyze charts for completeness, sort loose medical records and locate misplaced charts.

Transcribe patient information from nurses’ records onto patient’s medical records.

Transcribe doctors’ written orders, dietary requirements, and medication information on patient charts and medical records.

Prepare admission packets, referrals and make phone calls to set up patient appointments.

Facilitate admissions and discharges; close out charts to be transferred to medical records after patient discharge.

Coordinate patient transport in hospital and prepare charts for close out and transfer.

Requisition and order supplies for unit as designated by nursing staff.

Operate telephone switchboard and set patient appointments.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Take and record temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure with precision and accuracy.

Provide special care for various types of “-ostomy” patients (colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, etc..)

Provide personal care for patients, including: necessary baths, oral hygiene, shampoos, changing of bed linens, and other activities of daily living.

Check oxygen saturation and heart rate.