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* Top Notch Ministries, Inc. *

 " The best way to get what you want in life, is to help someone else get what they want!"

                                                                                                 ( Stanley & Carol Lett, Sr.)

Mission Statement

           At Top Notch Ministries, Inc., we are a Non-Profit Central Organization. We are committed to an "Holistic Approach" when it comes to our services. We are a Spiritual Based Movement with the open-mindedness to incorporate various paths to change and developement for the individuals who are willing to "put in the personal work", seperately or through a group effort. 

         We understand that In order to accomplish and maintain a positive and productive lifestyle, we must engage and develop the "whole person". We live with Adverse Childhood Experiences and where Social Toxins affect our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and moral wellness. These are the reasons why our families and communities are rampant with violence, crime and pain. Addictions are on the rise. Whether it is fueled by alcohol, drugs, sex, money, power or violence; there is an "Answer". The question is, do we want to change who or what we have become? Top Notch Ministries, Inc. has an answer for those of us who want to make and be a difference, beginning with ourselves.

             By advocating for and helping to develop the whole person, we meet you where you are; and also where you Dream. Collectively, we consciously meet the unconscious: we rationally meet the irrational: morally meet the immoral and spiritually enlighten the darkened lives of those souls who are simply or complicatedly, lost. There is an answer and by understanding and addressing the fact that we all have faults and shortcomings, no matter how we acquired them, it is how and when we decide to reconize, address and manage our brokeness. We must open-up, expose ourselves and grow into the complete individuals we were created to become.

             We offer Hope at its finest and Empowerment at its very best! Life is what we choose to make it. Once we make the decision to committ to change, that is when the miraculous process begins. This is the mission of Top Notch Ministries, Inc. It will not be an easy process, but it will be one that is worthwhile. We do need assistance from every direction of the spectrum. Not only do we need finance, we also need housing, clothing, food and transportation. We need your time and your knowledge. Together as a society we must give of ourselves to serve the needs of others and knowing in the process of giving and becoming "a part of", our personal needs will be met, in part or in whole. Whether in this life, or in the one to come. We thank you in advance for your gifts of love, time, finance and prayers.

With the utmost of sincerity and fervently yours,

Gregory E. Riddick, Sr.

Executive Director