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Up and Coming Branches...

1). Piggy's Place:

                                      Is transitional housing for individuals who have completed substantial rehab training and/or have been incarcerated and have been homeless for at least one year or 3 times in the past 4 years and have committed to the process of holistic growth, career training, communication training and G.E.D. accreditation. (Certified Peer Recovery Specialist assistance provided)

2). Zahara's House:

                                        Safe housing for emotionally and sexually abused women and children. Services of holistic empathy and life-building skills provided by Certified Peer Recovery Specialists. Also professional mental and emotional therapy will be highly encouraged and supported.

3). Tierra's Temple:

                                       Safe housing for Transgenders who are homeless and/or previously incarcerated and are in recovery and have committed to the holistic process of becoming productive members or society. Certified Peer Recovery Specialist assistance is provided in the transition.

4). Top Notch Ministry:

                                         A Spiritual-based 12 Step Program which is a Homeless Shelter geared toward Dual-Diagnosed individuals who are committed to Recovery. Services provided will also include Housing, Food, Clothing, Transportation and Career Training. It will be a 1 year Program with quarterly graduational periods that shows progression of holistic growth. Eventually progressing into a transitional lifestyle or independent living. Certified Peer Recovery Specialist assistance will be provided.