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Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce the impact of Trauma, Relational Conflict, Recidivism, Mental Health Crisis, Substance Use Disorder, and Grief & Loss, in all of its debilitating forms by training agency and organizational staff in Emotional Intelligence, as well as serving Behavioral Health clients, individuals, families, and youth, and equipping them with a useful skill-set to assist in their healing-centered process, all encased in a Trauma-Informed Approach.


We believe that through our Spiritual & Holistic perspective we meet the individual not only where they are, but where they Dream! At TTF we envision a community that has endured many traumatic challenges; strengthened by the adversity of their pain; buoyed upon the wings of their resilience and soaring into a generated future that only the mindset of a freed spirit can produce. Contributing to a Universe, opened by the expression of their inherent Gifts and Talents.


Because of our radical style and resolution, we operate from the individual’s platforms of strengths and dreams. Through our training curriculums and unique services, we instill a skill-set that delivers above-average outcomes of personal growth, behavioral change, and community engagement through Peer Support, Virtues, Values, and Ethical-Considerations which helps to sustain a level of growth, accountability, and sustainability where the model of self-replication or each one, teach one will produce a community of dignity, strength, and prosperity.