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Financial Support in Your Time of Need

The Trill Foundation is a non-profit group and the parent organization of five branches of Top Notch Ministries, Inc. We help families with Grief Support and Trauma Informed Care and or Professional Burial Services to families of loved ones who were deceased through street violence and/or drug-related death in the inner cities. We know that there are Social Toxins and Adverse Childhood Experiences which challenge us on a daily basis. We are committed to addressing these normal reactions to traumatic experiences. We also understand that there is nothing "post" about PTSD. It is a misnomer. It also isn't a "Disorder", which implies that something is "wrong" with the person. We are "more" than what has happened to us!

With our other four branches, we adopt the Holistic Approach to engage the issues of our society:

  • Zahara's House: Safe Housing for Sexual and Emotionally Abused Women and Children
  • Piggy's Place: Transitional Housing for Men and Women.
  • Top-Notch Ministries: A 12 Step Spiritual-Based Street Ministry, Homelessness and Co-dependency, Business Etiquette Training and Re-entry Program.
  • Tierra's Temple: Safe Housing for Transgender who are homeless or previously incarcerated and are in life recovery.

A Message From Our Founder

“Hi! Gregory E. Riddick, Sr. here and I am the founder of The Trill Foundation. Back in December 2016, my son was murdered. At that time, I didn’t have insurance so I was not able to afford to bury him. Fortunately, my Church, End Time Harvest of Salisbury, MD., stepped up and financially took charge so I was able to cremate him. That is when I decided to create this Foundation and name it after him. We work to provide financial assistance and/or Professional Burial Businesses who donate services to families who have lost their loved ones through homicide, street violence or drug-related deaths. We are here to help you heal. We also have "Anonymous Survivors", which is a Grief Support Group. Please contact us to begin or continue your journey of healing.

We encourage you to join our Cause and become a living, breathing part of our Foundation, please contact us. Your support is our lifeline!

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